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7/6/18 Had the boys from Down And Tight Fishing Company out with us today. They did great getting the bachelor a nice white marlin and catchin a bunch of dolphins.


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6/9/18 Beautiful day on the water. Couldn't find the water we were lookin for but managed some nice gaffers and our first white Marlin of the season!


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7/5/18 Thursday was hectic and missed my report. Had a morning trip and got on the spadefish. It's been a great year for them. Hope it continues.


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6/2/18 Fishing was a little slower but at least the sharks weren't as bad. Had a fun time with a great group and beautiful weather.


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7/3/18 Spadefishing has really been coming back and we are glad to have them. Ran half day trips yesterday and today and had a limit both days.


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Sharks were greedy for us today. Lost atleast another 11 to them. Fun day and beautiful weather. Tomorrow we will get revenge!


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7/1/18 Started today off with a bang. Double header white Marlins puttin out the spread. Ended up 3 for 4 on whites and saw a nice blue cuttin up bait that wasn't interested in us. Picked away at some dolphins and had another mako encounter but pulled the hook.


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6/29/18 Found some pretty water and picked away at the dolphins all morning. Trolled away and got a big bite and released a nice 125 lb mako. Later in the afternoon we had about a 500 lb blue marlin come in but be jumped him off after the first jump.


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6/23/18 Had to cancel our offshore trip due to weather but it did stop our group from catchin a bunch of spades inshore. Had a limit then went trolling around for Spanish. Saw a real nice cobia but just couldn't get a good shot at him.


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6/18/18 Had the next generation of fishing out with us this morning. Half days are a great action filled trip for all our young anglers.


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6/17/18 Happy Father's Day everyone! Had a great group of fathers out today. Spadefishing was tough with all the boat pressure but managed to catch some and some Spanish. Had a pair of cobias that just wouldn't eat.


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6/16/18 Had a half day trip this morning and the ocean was slick calm. Caught a limit of spades and then went trolling. Found some Spanish and saw a cobia but never got a shot at him.

6/14/18 AM

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6/14/18 AM This morning we went inshore spadefishing. They are great to eat and put up a great fight on light tackle. Didn’t take long to catch our limit and even had a bonus flounder.


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6/10/18 Went out this morning in search of the tunas. We got 1 good whack and hung on to 4 of them. Looks like it's gonna blow tomorrow but we enjoyed a slick calm day today.