Marlins Posted by Top Notch Charters 07-06-12

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Today we headed offshore on what was a beautiful morning. The day started extremely slow for all of the boats...

For us we didn't have a fish until 230 in the afternoon and then like a light switch it was game on. First, a blue marlin came in and we pulled him off. Then a white marlin we caught and released. Then 10 minutes later a pack hit us and we hooked 2 and caught 1. Another time minutes and the same thing happened and we caught 1 more, but this time it was a spearfish. Congrats to all of the anglers on their citation releases. On the way back in I threw a live spot at a buoy and we caught a 47-inch barracuda that had some really mean teeth.

Thanks for fishing with us guys, next time we will be able to catch some meat.

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