Had a chance at a Grand Slam Posted by Top Notch Charters 07-24-12

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On Tuesday we went offshore and it was action right from the beginning...

Within 10 minutes of putting out the baits we had a billfish come up and we caught a very nice sailfish. We then spent, maybe 15 minutes later we had a white marlin on, but we jumped him off, darn. We then went around most of the lobster pots in the norfolk canyon trying to catch some dolphin(mahi-mahi) and caught 5 and had several other bites. In the afternoon we got back inside where we had seen the billfish in the morning and they did not disappoint.

First we had a blue marlin come up on a big bait and start ripping drag and he pulled off. Then we managed to have 3 more shots at white marlin( all single bites), we caught 1, jumped another off about 100 ft from the boat, and missed 1. So all we needed was that blue marlin for the Grand Slam! So we put out another big bait and kept searching but I knew we already missed our chance having the blue pull off. But here comes another and crushed the dredge. He just about tore off the dredge arm off and all the metal arms spooked him and we didnt get a shot at him but it was pretty cool.

Thanks for fishing with us and great job on both of your billfish boys!

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