Fishing report 7-21 Posted by Top Notch Charters 07-27-12

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On saturday we had 2 half day trips. I started off and the spanish mackerel and bluefish bite was pretty good...

After catching a bucket full for dinner we moved off in search of a shark. Unfortunately the sharks gave us no love. We tried 2 different spots but still couldnt find them. Sorry guys, we will get them next time. One the 2nd trip it was the complete opposite. The spanish and bluefish bite shut off and we found the sharks snapping. After we went a while with just a few spanish we switched up and set up in a 3rd spot for sharks and we were hooked up with only 1 bait in the water. We steadily had 1 on until our 8th shark with finally got revenge on me. He managed to get the treble hook in my hand so we had to go in and get it cut out.

Thanks for fishing with us everyone. Sorry that 2nd trip had to end on that note.

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