Sharkin 6-5 Posted by Top Notch Charters 06-05-13

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This morning we started out looking for the drum again. We made it over to the shoals and started out trolling spoons and plugs...

After about 45 minutes and no takers we decided to change up. We dropped the anchor and set up chumming. First we caught about a 3 ft spinner shark. Then we had another shark on but it jumped and threw the hook. Next we had a big run but the fish bit us off. After about 40 min with no bites we decided to re position. It payed off because we hooked up right away and caught another spinner shark.

Right after that we caught a nice stingray. Finally, right when we were about to pack it in for the day the bottom rod went off. We fought this fish for 43 minutes until we got to see it near the boat. It was a huge ray about 6 to 7 feet across. We battle it all the way up to the boat before straightening out the hook.

Thanks guys.

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