Fishing Report July 25th 27th and 28th

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On Monday we went on a half day inshore trip. It started off slow Spanish mackerel and blue-fishing on the beach...

We managed a couple Spanish and a few bluefish and then went chumming off the beach. Once again it was slow on the beach we didn't catch a shark for about 2 hours when all of a sudden they started coming. We finally caught 1 on the bottom. Then we caught one on the top. Then a pack of 3 bull sharks came in and we caught 1 of them. There was a really big fish in there but we were unable to hook him. Then all of a sudden we were surrounded. There must have been 30 sharks all around the boat and we had 1 on everything. We even caught 1 on a bucktail on an ultralight spinning tackle. Thanks for staying patient guys I'm glad we got em. On Wednesday we started out catching Spanish and bluefish and then went to chumming. We caught about 6 or 8 sharks. On Thursday we went offshore and fishing was very slow. We only managed 1 nice gaffer dolphin for our efforts. Sorry, I didn't get those pictures, I left my camera at home. We will be fishing the next 4 days so I will try to keep them updated. Thanks everyone and tight lines!


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