Sharks Sharks and More Sharks Posted by Top Notch Charters 07-02-12

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Yesterday morning we started our first of 2 trips for the day. We put out and started catching bluefish and Spanish mackerel right on the beach...

We caught about a dozen Spanish and a handful of bluefish and then wanted to change up and head off the beach. Since we saw the menhadden(baitfish) really close to the beach I decided to get out my cast net and get some for bait.

I through a cast right on them and had to struggle to get it in the boat. We had to have had a couple hundred. So off went and started slow trolling about 8 miles off. Right off the bat, we caught a shark. Since we went a little while and didn't see another one, we picked up and ran a little closer and started to drift and then it was game on. We caught about a dozen sharks and came in. On our 2nd trip, we started doing the same thing and caught some Spanish and bluefish and headed off the beach. From the time we put the chum bag in the water to the time we came in we didn't go much more than 5 minutes without being hooked up. We had 3 on at a time for a while and we had to have caught over 50. I kept waiting to see a cobia but he never showed himself today.

Thanks for fishing with us everyone. We had a great day out on the water today."

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