Inshore Charter Fishing

On inshore trips, we will target Spanish mackerel and small Bluefish. These trips are usually very active and great for kids. There is always the possibility of larger fish swimming off the beach. We will constantly look for larger fish like Cobia, Red Drum and Sharks while we are fishing for Spanish mackerel and small bluefish. We can target larger fish, but some days the larger fish are hard to find and we are limited to the 4-hour trip.

We have had some outstanding days with Big Red Drum off Virginia Beach. The Top Notch crew is always ready when these school fish come to the surface. We target the Drum with big spinning tackle, so get ready for a big fight if we are able to find these fish.

We have had some great days shark fishing off Virginia Beach. The sharks are not large, but we use light tackle so the sharks put up a big fight. We use chum so in some cases the Sharks will swim up to the back of the boat. The Top Notch crew will show you how to handle these toothy critters, but remember they are sharks and they have sharp teeth.

We have had some good days targeting cobia. Cobia are very curious fish, they swim up to the boat, but not bite. The water off Virginia Beach has cobia swimming off the oceanfront most of the summer, but the water is not crystal clear and therefore Cobia cab be difficult to see. It takes a special angle to want to target these fish for the whole trip. You may catch a great Cobia or not see a fish during your 4-hour trip.

The crew is fishing most days and will look for the best possible fish to make your day enjoyable. The goal is to have fun and make memories that last a lifetime!