Near Shore Charters Fishing

Nearshore trips will start out catching small bluefish or menhaden that will be used as live bait later in the trip.

Once we have enough live bait we will go out and anchor or troll anywhere from a mile to 8 miles off the beach.

We may end up 20+ miles down the beach based on the fishing conditions. Chum will then be put out to attract sharks, cobias, and king mackerels. Most of the sharks are anywhere from 2 to 5 feet, while cobias like the brown fish shown above are anywhere from 20 to over 100 lbs! On all day trips, it would give us more time to run out 20+ miles in search of larger sharks.

Spadefish trips are also offered during the summer. Although they look like an angel fish, these are one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound and taste great on the dinner table.